Did you get the wrong link in the text "The Parent Revolution" at the end of the first paragraph? It went to a YouTube video that didn't discuss the book.

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In the case against education you acknowledge that college graduates do pay back their schooling and then in life time earning outperform non college graduates.

I am curious does that data reflect current inflated college prices including the cost of living during college that students now tend to finance because the federal government garanteed student loans and now banks will loan college students an additional 40k on top of tuition per year?

Also, if the public sector hadnt expanded so much would college students still outperform non college students, a lot of degrees go directly to work for government and school systems?

Third if we extracted the earnings of the top .5 percent of earners from the data do college graduates still outperform non college graduates after paying for college?

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ESAs seem to have hit a wall. There is zero interest outside of deep red states. No bi-partisanship line crossing. Even Texas has trouble passing ESAs. And many ESAs that pass are means tested.

I'm glad for what's happened by the only realistic way I'm going to get an ESA it to move to Florida.

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seems absurdly pessimistic to declare failure when the paint is still wet? most of those passed from first wave haven't even been implemented yet (coming this fall), and several expansions and some new ones already passed this year.

needs some time to cook, but gonna be hard to stop even in deep blue areas. might follow as slow as the charter school timeline, but lots of people do move for education so it creates serious pressure. (and some of the competition effects and hybrid systems have significant chance of triggering much faster change imo once start becoming known/proven)

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Oh I fully support the entire movement, and I hope that Texas manages to primary enough people to get it to pass (why the governor waited a whole session to remove the intransigents shows incompetence).

It's just very difficult for me to understand how ANYONE defends the school system after 2020. If you had young children during this time, I can't explain the rage one felt over what was happening.

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