While effective altruists often donate to causes that provide short-term relief, we should focus more on addressing the root institutional problems in poor countries. Handouts can temporarily alleviate suffering, but they don't fix the underlying issues like poor governance, lack of rule of law, unclear property rights, barriers to free trade and starting businesses, etc.

Rather than just donating to charities that act as "band-aids," I think effective altruists should also support organizations working to implement systemic changes for prosperity. For instance, the Atlas Network helps establish think tanks worldwide to promote policies and institutions that encourage economic growth. Supporting groups like this, which tackle the foundational problems, could create more lasting change.

The key is to balance short-term relief with long-term, structural solutions. Donations to life-saving charities still have value, but we need to couple that with support for fundamental institutional reforms. That comprehensive approach is more likely to lift countries out of poverty in a sustainable way.

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No discussion of how hard one is supposed to work to have to give.

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