Please make the video recording available, I can’t wait to see it. Thank you very much

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Actual examples of NIMBYism would help.

My town has an election coming up in which zoning is one of the big issues. Both candidates are NIMBY. One doesn't want any building the the other supports a luxury condo/retail building downtown but also doesn't want a lot of building. I support the relatively YIMBY candidate since downtown needs more modern businesses and it will relieve some of the water bill, but I'm quite proud and happy with my town having the highest concentration of single family homes on the accella corridor due to zoning. I would support the building of more SFH if it came to a vote, which I guess makes me YIMBY relative to the town median.

Not a one of them talks about preserving property values and I haven't heard a single voter talk about that (nor do they think it in secret IMO). Mostly people complain about traffic and don't want anything ugly to replace the pretty victorian houses on Main Street.

One city over the biggest zoning issue is that a developer wants to relocate the poor immigrant trailer park from the center of the city to (somewhere on the outskirts). The poor immigrants don't want to move (beyond the hassle, they would have to buy cars if moved to the outskirts) and the rich suburbanites don't want the trailer park moved near them. Most of the NIMBY energy seems to come from the poors not wanting to move and the city democrats standing up to the developer on their behalf in exchange for their votes.

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It's up now! Thank you!

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When will the video be posted? Anyone know?

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A fascinating look into Oak Park, a highly regulated and prosperous Chicago suburb.

In essence, NIMBY regulations are used as a backdoor way around the Fair Housing Act in order to facilitate a 20% middle class black population quota. Prevented Oak Park from going through demographic death spiral like neighboring communities.



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Is this Mountain Standard? I am assuming so.

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Sep 9, 2022·edited Sep 9, 2022

Mountain Daylight, more likely.

What happened to getting rid of that?

Edit: Only Arizona is on Mountain Standard right now.

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When is the livestream gonna be?

Wish I could meet you in Nashville -sadly I won't be there till the weekend after this. Hopefully I'll see around Cato sometime this fall, should you visit regarding the book, as I'll be spending some time there!

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