What a lovely letter! Thank you for writing and thank you Bryan for sharing it!

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looks like Mafia mainly squeeze larger businesses.

economists of scale several times.

1. you minimize risk of police problems and unexpected violence. reduced number of interaction.

2. Mafia violence is expensive at least if done professionally. the US Mafia were tracking targets for months! 24/7 at times. and the murder itself can be a complicated & costly operation. you want to do it for millions, not for thousands.

3. evidence wise, and number laundering wise, you do much better at large businesses.

the risks go up linearly with the number of victims. and big business have complicated ways to pay you clandestinely

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I suspect it's actually the opposite: the Mafia imposes a 'tax' on many small businesses throughout Sicily, but this is often impossible to do for large businesses. But how do you shake down a Starbucks franchise? (this is of course a joke of sorts that occurs at one point in the Sopranos)

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